The Planner Society Limited Edition Pocket Traveler's Notebook and Go Wild Kit

If you ladies know me, of course you know I would jump at the chance when Christy had pre-orders for her Go Wild Traveler's Notebook Kit and pocket Traveler's Notebook. Who wouldnt?? Ok maybe I'm too much of an impulse buyer but I have control myself in the month of May and June. I started a 100+ days of no spend on STICKERS. I was turning into a sticker addict and hoarding them, afraid to use them up. So far I've been successful but Instagram doesn't help much haha. I think what I have can last me up to a year IF I use it conservatively. I will show you my sticker books later, now back to the kit.

Like any planner girls out there who didn't attend the Go Wild event, we were all jealous from watching all these great swags they were getting. Christy showed her followers what she was doing for Go Wild and of course we all wanted in on the action, so Christy took pre-orders for the pocket kit. And a surprise from no where, Christy announce her Pocket TN. OMG it was so cute!!!!! I honestly don't use a pocket size TN but I just had to have it. I'm sure I will find a use for it.

Go Wild Traveler's Notebook Kit

The best thing of all is that its purple and is floral!!! I love floral!!

The Planner Society Pocket Traveler's Notebook
This pocket TN is only sold by The Planner Society. You will not find it anywhere other than people re-selling it. The design is super adorable!! The cover in filled up with purple flowers. The inside has 4 strings for your notebooks and the left/right side are secretary pockets. The interior design is GOLD HEARTS! Extremely adorable, you don't understand my excitement.

The inserts are just as cute as the Traveler's Notebook. The inserts came with the TN.

These two items are a perfect match. I hope you ladies got a chance to pre-order your kit or TN. I know I didn't want to regret not ordering it. Feel free to come check out my Instagram account at lifeslittlecraft to see what other goodies I use.

Have a great day!!


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