One Book & One Pen July 2017

Here is the run down of how One Book July works. There are no rules!!! But there are guidelines. You can use one book (it can be anything, a bullet journal or a ring planner or a scrape book). It just have to be one item in your hand. You can use one book "planner" for one purpose such as work and another book for personal. This also include using one pen. You can adjust things to your liking. For example, if you like color coding, you can use one pen that have many refills such as Hi Tec C Coleto pens. For me personally I will be okay using only one pen but it must be a gel pen. For more details, I recommend watching this youtube video by the original person who created One Book July.

The top tabs are made by me and the flower paperclips/pen are from The Planner Society July kit.

I want to see if I can be a minimalist when it comes to my planning needs. I have hoarded quite a few craft items over the years and I need to reassess my spending. Addition to my One Book July, I am also challenging myself to use ONLY stamps, no stickers. If you seen my Instagram, you know I love stickers. This challenge will help me learn to live off on what I have and decrease buying more stickers. I literally have 3 binders full of stickers that I bought still unused. I also purchased several acrylic stamps but never got the chance to use them because I kept using stickers. In the long run, stamps will last me longer. This also tied to my May challenge for my #100daysofnostickspend, which I have NOT purchase any stickers since May!!! For me that is a great improvement so I want to tackle on this July challenge even further.

My one planner will consist of work, personal and a wallet. I have never combine work and personal before but I think it will work.

For July I was going to try a B6 and I did purchase a Traveler's Notebook from Foxy Fix but unfortunately it wont come on time for July so I found another solution. I am going to use my Limited Edition Gillio Firenze Mia Cara in the color Cloud (only the jacket) as a B6 cover. In May I use the jacket for my Stalogy B6 notebook and it fun! I felt the size would be great for me because its not too small like an A6 or too big like an A5. Its perfect to carry around.

I used The Planner Society July Kit to setup my planner and the color combination works well with each other. I split my inserts into 4 sections. For the purpose of being a minimalist, I had to think about what inserts I use the most to decrease bulkiness. All my inserts are from Annieplansprintables, I paid for them with my own money and is not promoting her shop. My inserts may change after a few days because I just bought Sewmuchcrafting today so I may change my inserts around which is fine since I am still using one book. Thats whats great about this One book challenge, there are no rules that say I have to use the same insert the entire month. Feel free to change things up inside your planner to fit YOUR needs.


Personal Agenda

Work Agenda


As for my wallet section, the Mia Cara jacket has a pocket on the left side, a big back pocket and 6 credit card slots and one slit pocket on the right. This is where I will store all my cards. I am the type of person who rarely carry cash so this works for me. If I were to go to the grocery store, I would just take out my Debit card and ID and put it behind my phone case since it has a wallet feature to hold two cards.

What I hope to achieve with this One Book July "challenge" is if I can be a minimalist planner girl and live within my means.  I'm sure I can but I need to take baby steps.


Did One Book work for me?

At the beginning Yes, I did enjoy having everything together when I needed to jot down things in my personal planner while at work. However I felt I need to keep personal and work separate since I like to dress up my personal planners and I don’t want to show up to a work meeting looking like a child (no offense haha). I already look like a child, so I want to keep things professionally.

What I liked? What I didn't like?

I love the B6 size!!!! I can't believe I didn't discover this size earlier. I'm glad to convert my Gillio Mia Cara into a B6 cover. I love Gillio leather so to test it out was great! It’s a great size especially in a TN size, no rings to get in my way. However, I didn’t like using my planner as a wallet, I like to separate them due to privacy. Also my wallet system was not working for me in my planner. I didnt like to carry my big planner to the grocery store and have been taking out my debit card and putting it in my iphone case every time I wanted to use it. It became a hassle.

What I learned about my planning needs and can I continue using one book?

I learn that there will never be planner peace. There are just too many options out there. The size that I do love are personal and now a B6 size. I will probably not continue one book "planner" since all I want to use my other lovely planners as well. I feel guilty when they are not being used. I think if I want to continue one book I can but I prefer not to since there may be sensitive items from both side that I dont want to display.

I hope you enjoy this blog post. Have a great day!


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