My Planner Collection as of June 2017

As of today my planner collection is still of varies brand and size. I currently own ring bound planners and Traveler's notebook but I try to use them in different ways.

My ring bound planners are mainly in medium/personal size since I like to carry one planner around as my go to planner. I recently sold a few of my Gillio Firenze planners so the quantity has decreased but the below are the current planners that I can't bare to sell.

Medium/Personal Size
I use this size a lot and I have a few different color planners to switch around for the season or when I feel like it. In the meantime, they will just hold my inserts and dividers. For the month of June I am currently using the Aqua Compagna planner since it match The Planner Society's June Kit. I have been switching my planners around base upon the monthly kit. It sounds silly but its kinda fun to dress them up. The best thing about a ring planner is that it can always be reuse! You just need to buy inserts.

(Limited Edition 1 of 2 ever made)
*I won this in a contest so its a keeper*

Gillio Firenze Epoca Compagna in Aqua 

Large/A5 Size
I actually don't use this size right now but just keeping it in case I do rotate into this size in the future.

Traveler's Notebook
Mostly all my TN are use for journals, memory keeping, travels and insert storage.

I'm trying to be a minimalist and only own two or three planners but its hard. Especially harder in regards to a Gillio planner, you can't just have a one or two. Those are rare planners and I don't want to have seller's remorse. I think I have downsize enough to where they will keep me occupied.

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Tell me what planner (s) you can't live without?


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