The Planner Society Monthly Subscription

Im sure you ladies have heard of The Planner Society and her monthly subscription kits. But if you have not you should check out her Instagram account at 

I first heard of The Planner Society kit back in October 2015 and since then Ive been hooked. Everything is just so unique and adorable. Every month is a customized design from Christy so you will not find it anywhere else. The best thing about the kit is that Christy always comes out with some kind of floral design and I LOVE FLORAL designs. Even if you are not a floral person this kit does not disappoint.

If you are new to the planning or crafting community and is not sure where to start then I say you should consider getting a Planner Society Monthly Kit. Christy includes such amazing products each month that it has everything you need. Her kit has become so popular that there are waiting list and you will most likely have to wait for the following month to start receiving the kit. She is that amazing!!!!!

The kit below is for the month of March even though she ships them in February. Christy usually includes the same type of items such as 6 double sided cardstock sheets, 1 washi tape, 1 pen, die cuts, 2 sticker sheets, 8 divider tabs, post it notes, and a pencil pouch. From time to time Christy will also include other items such as stamps, paperclips and decorative cards from time to time. This month she include everything I listed above plus vellum papers!!!! Of Course excluding the Pink Gillio planner, it doesnt come in the monthly kit.

I was too excited that I forgot to take individual photos of this month's kit and have already used half of the items to make shaker dividers. Check out my Instagram video of my shaker dividers

All the indivdual items should be listed on The Planner Society's Instagram account because she reveals each item leading up to the shipping date.

Last month was such an amazing kit that I added onto my subscription the Sticker Box kit which has 4-5 sticker sheet for a vertical style insert. You can fit the stickers into inserts with boxes like Sewmuchcrafting or Erin Codren planners. I also added the Washi Kit which includes 3 waship tapes from her personal designs.  The potka dot washi in the middle and the two on the right hand side are from the Washi kit. The one next to the pink potka dot came with the monthly kit.

Overall subscription cost for the Monthly kit is $30.90 (includes shipping) and if you add other kits, it will be additional $14-16 per kit. Christy's other kits are Sticker Kit, Sticker box kit and Washi Tape Kit. I recommend if you are new, you should start with the monthly kit and then move your way to the other kit.

Start joining her subscription!! 

FYI - I am not one of her PR girls, all these are purchased with my own money.


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