DIY Cash Envelope for your Medium size Planner

Today I will show you how to make cash envelopes that can fit into your medium size planner if you want to carry it as a planner/wallet or just a wallet. It doesn't have to be a cash envelope, it can be use for anything. I currently have them in my Kate Spade Pink Bonnet Zipper Planner.

You can also check out my Instagram account for a video tutorial.

Supplies: Scissors, glue, hole puncher, a medium size cardboard template, any 8x11 card stock sheet and a tab maker if you have one.

Step 1: Know you basic Origami Technic  

Fold your 8x11 sheet around your cardboard template until you end up with 3 sides. From there fold the sides in wards around the cardboard. Fold the extra side pieces so it looks like the 3rd photo below. By having the extra side folds, it allows the envelope more breathing room and more things can be stuff inside.

Step 2: Glue

Put glue on the side and fold it in half so both side meets and it should be the same level.

The top flap will be the opening so you will need to trim off the extras. Also trim off about 1 1/5" from the top and keep it since it will be use it to make the tab in Step 3. You don't need to follow the next step if you rather have it tab-less. If you are satisfied, skip over to step 4.

Step 3: Tabs

I have a tab maker from We R Memory Keeper but you can hand make your own tabs or use any tabs you have.


Once it's all done I glued it on the tab and also taped it just to secure it.

Step 4: Punch 

I like my corners rounded so I use a corner punch. For the 6 holes on the side, I suggest using a single hole puncher since your card stock may be too thick to fit into a 6 hole puncher.

The final product!

You can make envelopes for a pocket size as long as you have a template and just repeat my steps above.

Thank you for tuning in!!


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