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One Book & One Pen July 2017

WHAT IS ONE BOOK/ONE PEN JULY? Here is the run down of how One Book July works. There are no rules!!! But there are guidelines. You can use one book (it can be anything, a bullet journal or a ring planner or a scrape book). It just have to be one item in your hand. You can use one book "planner" for one purpose such as work and another book for personal. This also include using one pen. You can adjust things to your liking. For example, if you like color coding, you can use one pen that have many refills such as Hi Tec C Coleto pens. For me personally I will be okay using only one pen but it must be a gel pen. For more details, I recommend watching this youtube video by the original person who created One Book July.

The top tabs are made by me and the flower paperclips/pen are from The Planner Society July kit.
I want to see if I can be a minimalist when it comes to my planning needs. I have hoarded qui…

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